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Clarity Call Testimonials

My experience was AMAZING!! Blake’s ability to ask questions, that are both thought provoking and soul searching, in a very, very small amount of time is uncanny. I felt a shift in my thought process immediately, like someone peeled back a veil and opened a present all at once.
— Stephanie C.
We scheduled an Clarity Call because we knew we had an area that our organization needed to grow in but did not know the first step to take. We had a wonderful experience! Blake asked questions that not only helped him to understand our needs/goals, but helped us to actually think through what it actually is that we are looking for! As we formulated our responses to his questions we found that we were figuring out real-time what it actually was that we needed as an organization!
— Sarah S.
I scheduled a call to find help communicating my company’s true voice. Naturally, I was a little apprehensive.

But my experience was stellar. I quickly understood that Blake not only understood me, but had insight and tools to truly help open things up.
— Adam C.
Blake does a great job of providing value before even purchasing.
— Spencer R.
I was definitely hesitant to schedule a call. Perhaps I was afraid of getting myself too far into something to turn back if I realized it wasn’t right. Email communication, following from afar, downloading free resources, etc. feels “safer” to me. Possibly also fear of starting into something that I knew had to have a big price tag. I didn’t know at all what to expect price-wise.

But I didn’t feel pressured on the call one bit. And I definitely appreciated that.
— Lori W.