Blake Stratton
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When good people prosper, the world gets better.

Blake Is A Rapid Sales Growth Strategist, high-ticket JV broker, And creator of the Abundance Marketing Methodology.

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Do what you were born for — more.

I help you find your hidden leverage — the simple changes that yield massive results. That means you can define success on your own terms and create the business lifestyle you want.

Singer-songwriter Andrew Belle (pictured left) used my strategies to rapidly grow his fan list, resulting in his most successful album launch to date.

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Monetize your influence your way.

Jackson Groves is an explorer. He shares the beauty of the world with over 260k people online.

He wanted to create more revenue and have bigger impact, but didn't want to resort to salesy marketing tactics that would annoy his audience.

Together we found a strategy that gave him an additional revenue stream that enhanced his reputation in the process.

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2x your sales, not your workload.

Getting 2x results doesn't mean you have to 2x your workload. 

By applying a handful of high-leverage strategies over the course of 6 weeks, The Peach Truck more than tripled their best pre-sale season ever.  

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